Sidcup has reacted with shock after a group of asylum seekers were spotted in the town centre on Tuesday (Aug 4).

A group of up to 20 men, thought to be from Africa, were spotted on the High Street - as the Home Office reportedly housed them in the Travel Lodge for a brief period of time.

Some residents claimed to be scared and intimidated by the group, but others were disgusted by the negative reactions of their neighbours.

Tyron Way resident Pat Andrews, 68, saw a group of 20 men waiting near the Waitrose car park.

She told News Shopper: "It was concerning to me.

"I wonder, how did they get into Sidcup?

"It's amazing - I counted 20 of them.

News Shopper:

"It's outstanding. They had what little belongings they had in a black sack.

"It's terribly sad and I feel very sorry for them, but we haven't got the room."

Another Waitrose shopper said: "There was a scrap going on over a plastic bag of donuts.

"It was worrying - I have kids."

Some residents expressed concerns at the cost of housing the refugees, as thousands of migrants attempt to make the journey to Kent from Calais.

However, others have been disgusted by 'racist' comments made on social media in reaction to the destitute group.

One woman wrote on a popular Sidcup Facebook group: "Can the constant flow of racism popping up in the last 24 hours not be stopped?

"It's ridiculous at best and down right narrow minded bigotry at worst.

"Those that posted this c**p should be banned and directed to extremist right wing political sites instead.

"It's offensive. Go play with your 'own kind'."

A Bexley Council spokeswoman said: "The Home Office placed a number of asylum seekers at the Travel Lodge in Sidcup.

"This was not a council arrangement. They have now left."

The Home Office declined to comment.

Did you see the group? Call 01689 885702 or email to express your views.