Having already re-imagined Sherlock Holmes (featuring Blackheath’s Jude Law as Watson), Guy Ritchie has turned his attention to another famous crimefighting duo.

The man behind Lock, Stock has given fresh life to the 60s spy series The Man From UNCLE, and it is out Friday (August 14).

British Man of Steel star Henry Cavill plays suave CIA agent Napoleon Solo, who is thrown together with his Cold War counterpart-turned-ally Illya Kuryakin – played by Armie Hammer – to take on a mysterious criminal organisation.

With a classic 1960s look, much of the movie was shot in Naples though large amounts were also filmed in south London, Kent and Surrey.

We took a look at the locations used by Ritchie and co.

Brockwell Park

Way back in September 2013, Guy’s guys set up base camp in Brockwell Park for filming in the area. Apparently, it caused a bit of a stir – Olley’s Fish Experience nearby tweeted “Just seen base camp in Brockwell park for film crew for new "man from uncle" film. Good luck Guy Richie!!”



The large green space between Brixton, Herne Hill and Dulwich is a beautiful spot to while away a few hours, with beautiful gardens and ponds, a 19th century clock tower and the popular Brockwell Lido.  It is regularly host to fitness events.

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Padfield Road, Brixton

Just off Brockwell Park, Brixton’s Padfield Road and its surrounding areas was given an extensive make-under and transformed into 1950s East Berlin for the movie.

The big shoot involved more than 100 cast and crew, shooting the interiors of South East Taxis and the business next door and scenes involving characters talking inside a garage while another watch from underneath the railway bridge.

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The Met Police had to be kept up to speed because of extras with concealed weapons and speeding cars.

The shoot in Lambeth and Newham was done in conjunction with FilmFixer, who manage the film office of 13 London councils.

FilmFixer’s director Andy Pavord said: “Local residents were really welcoming of this big shoot, with all the celebrities in tow.

“The whole community pulled together to make it possible.”

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Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

Guy Ritchie is clearly a fan of the Old Royal Naval College, having filmed there for both of his Sherlock Holmes movies. It is a regular movie star and Marvel fans will remember it getting smashed up in Thor: The Dark World.

For The Man From UNCLE was made to look like 1950s Berlin with piles of brick rubble and corrugated iron as cars raced down College Way in two high-octane car chases and a gun fight. Go to ornc.org

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The high risk stunts meant a lot of work for the Old Royal Naval College’s Estate Operations Manager Ian Allchin, whose priority is to make sure the centuries’ old buildings don’t get damaged.

Aside from looking gorgeous by the riverside, the Old Royal Naval College is one of the town’s many great tourist attractions, with a gorgeous Painted Hall, neo-classical chapel and visitor centre. It is also home to the University of Greenwich and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

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Royal Docks and Millennium Mills

Just over the river from Woolwich, the crew set up for a complicated speedboat chase and stunts including a truck landing on top of a boat in dock. Lots of the chase involved gunfire, explosions and smoke so it required the crew and FilmFixer, to liaise with lots of authorities and residents.

Andy Pavord said: “In addition, I'm really proud of the way the FilmFixer team worked across so many permitting authorities to make the breathtaking action sequences possible at the Royal Docks.

“It simply couldn't have been done without a huge amount of negotiation and goodwill on the part of everyone involved.”


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Chatham Historic Dockyard

The Historic Dockyard has a lot of space that is often turned over for filming - again, Guy Ritchie used it for Sherlock Holmes – and it looks like they filmed another car chase and built a set there with Guy supervising the shoot in October 2013.

The dockyard has been an important part of Britain’s naval history for 400 years and crucial in everything from the Spanish Armada to the Falklands crisis so, as well as an in-demand film set, it’s now a fascinating museum. Go to thedockyard.co.uk

Hankley Common, Elstead

Deep down in Surrey, Guy Ritchie used the shallow valley of Hankley Common in October to double as Italy in mid-July in order to film a fight scene between Cavill’s Napoleon Solo and a baddie, according to an Entertainment Weekly article. And predictably, it rained a lot. Presumably you’ll never know – the wonders of film, eh?