Plans to build a controversial £100m renewable energy site in Swanscombe have been withdrawn following a move by London Paramount developers to secure the land.

A 10-day hearing into proposals by Teal Energy for a renewable power plant in Manor Way was opened on July 21 at the Mercure Great Danes Hotel in Maidstone but adjourned after it was revealed that active negotiations between London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH) and private landowners remained ongoing.

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An image of what London Paramount could look like

Teal Energy announced that they had withdrawn their proposals on Monday (July 27) after reaching an 'important agreement' with the developers of the £3 billion entertainment resort planned for the Swanscombe Peninsula.

The energy firm will now seek an alternative site to carry out their plans.

Paul Sadler, Chief Executive of Teal Energy said: "The Swanscombe Peninsula will be transformed as a result of London Paramount and the Ebbsfleet Garden City. Teal Energy is keen to find an alternative site in north Kent."

David Testa, Chief Executive of London Paramount added: "We're delighted to have reached an agreement with Teal - without doubt this is another important step in the right direction for the future of the project."

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Dartford MP Gareth Johnson

Dartford MP Gareth Johnson said: “I am pleased to hear an agreement has been reached between the two parties.

“I always thought Manor Way was the wrong location for the proposed waste to energy plant. I am also glad this obstacle to the theme park appears to have been removed and I look forward to seeing plans for it progress.

“With the right infrastructure the Paramount theme park will be a huge positive for the local area with the creation of thousands of jobs and leisure facilities.”

The move comes just weeks after LRCH bought out Swanscombe's Bamber Pit and Essenden Sports Ground.

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An image of what London Paramount could look like


Bamber Pit measures 8.96 acres and is located to the south of the north Kent railway line. The Sports Ground totals 9.28 acres and is situated to the north of the railway line.

The two sites marked first outright land purchase by the London Paramount team, and follows the option agreement reached with Lafarge Tarmac in 2014 to take over their land on the Swanscombe Peninsula.

Despite Kent County Council (KCC) approving plans for the energy plant last September Gravesham and Dartford councils both objected to the scheme over fears it could have an impact on the London Paramount resort set to feature a theme park, water park, hotels and theatres.