A pregnant young mum has been offered a house in Manchester by Bexley Council after her grandmother's death left her homeless.

Natasha Mullan was forced to move out of her step-grandfather's house in Bexley after her grandmother, who brought her up, died from cancer last year.

Due to him being a Muslim, she was forced to move out of his home in February as she is an unmarried, single mother.

Ms Mullan, who is mum to one-year-old Annabelle and 31 weeks pregnant with her second child, said: "Once the funeral was out of the way I had to move out as it's against his religion.

"It's not my fault, it's nobodies fault."

News Shopper:  

Natasha Mullan with one-year-old Annabelle 

The 21-year-old has since been staying sleeping on friend's sofas after being told by Bexley Council that there are no suitable properties in the area but she could be offered a house 230 miles away.

She added: "My friends aren't being horrible when they're saying they can't have me there but it's not practical to someone living on your sofa.

"It's no life for my daughter either, not knowing where we're going to be next week.

"But we can't move to Manchester, it's ridiculous, I don't know anyone there.

"Annabelle's dad lives nearby here and we try and make it easy for her to have a relationship with him."


Since speaking to News Shopper Ms Mullan has now been accepted to bid for housing in Bexley via Bexley’s Home Choice system.

A spokesman for Bexley Council said: "Ms Mullan refused the offer of accommodation in the Manchester area, despite it being all that was available at that time.

"Where we can, temporary accommodation is provided in borough or in neighbouring boroughs such as Dartford or Gravesend.

"Due to the current housing pressures, on occasion our only option is to use accommodation that is further afield, including the Manchester area.

"As Ms Mullan turned down this offer, this meant our interim duty towards her was considered to be discharged."