The cost of running the Belvedere Splash Park is 'too high' and organisations need to submit proposals stop Bexley Council closing it down.

Private and community groups will be invited to present detailed proposals for taking over and running the park at next Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting (July 21).

The council have said if no ‘serious proposals’ are submitted, the splash park will be closed and turned into a dry, children’s play area.

Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Environment and Leisure, Coun Peter Craske said: "This isn't an easy decision to take.

“No one wants to see the Splash Park closed, but we really have little choice.

News Shopper: The splash park in Belvedere.

“The expert report is clear, the level of costs needed to keep the splash park running are just too high for the vouncil to continue bearing, in this exceptionally challenging financial climate.

"We're not talking about a 'one off' cost here - we would need to find as much as £300,000 to make the park usable again and then an annual cost to keep it running.

“We cannot justify spending our council yax payers' money in this way when we are having to make savings on so many other services.

"We know how that many people love the park and that's why we are giving organisations the chance to put forward a serious business case.

"They will have to be able to demonstrate to everyone how they plan to run and maintain the park. If the right business and the right plan comes along the park may still have a future."



A final decision on the future of the Splash Park will be taken in the winter.

Organisations are encouraged to come up with a sustainable plan that addresses the issues raised in the recent technical study, published after 'extensive invesigations'.

Coun Craske added: "Taxpayers won't accept a 'quick fix' plan. That wouldn't be fair to local people or anyone else in the borough.

“We are looking for an organisation that can provide a real future for the splash park."

How do you feel about the new developments? Get in touch on 01689 885702 or email