Video has emerged of Lewisham's mayor being heckled and followed around a fun day by housing protestors.

The footage was filmed by the South London Revolutionary Communist Group at Saturday's People's Day event in Mountsfield Park.

The mayor was heckled as he addressed the crowd by two protestors holding placards, one which read: "Lewisham Council, 500 families in B&Bs. Only six council homes built in 30 years."

"How are you helping the 500 families in emergency accomodation?" shouted one, as astonished youngsters from a band looked on.

Sir Steve hit back: "Look, people are here to enjoy themselves, why don't you let me finish, let them enjoy themselves and I'll come and have a word with you."

Outside the big top, Sir Steve, flanked by security, continued to debate with the protestors, saying the problems were caused by a failure to build houses over the last 15 years.

A protestor then brands the mayor's words nonsense, saying: "It's always someone else. It's never you is it?"

"Do you actually ever bother to read the facts?" an increasingly angry Sir Steve asked, before being challenged on the tiny number of affordable homes penciled in the flagship Lewisham Gateway development.

Sir Steve, whose local authority is planning to build 250 new homes - the borough's first for 30 years - told the group: "You're not interested. You've got a politcal agenda."

The protestors then continue to follow him around the site before security step in and more angry words are exchanged.