Greenpeace protestors brought the cable car to a halt in Greenwich this morning - but plans for a hair-raising high-wire walk were abandoned because it was "too wobbly".

Transport for London said the protestors had managed to access the south tower, situated in the Thames, but their security systems had alerted staff.

British Transport Police were called at 5.04am and the protestors have since come down. A police spokesman said: "Officers liaised with the protestors who came down voluntarily shortly before 7.30am.

“Nine people have now been arrested on suspicion of trespass and suspicion of criminal damage and are currently in custody.”


Greenpeace's Save the Arctic campaigner Ian Duff  said: "We were planning to do a record breaking high-wire walk over the Thames to protest Shell's Arctic drilling plans. 

"It was designed as a message to the 1600 Shell staff in their Canary Wharf offices just across the water. 

"Unfortunately once we were up there, we discovered the wire was just too wobbly to use. We made the call that it was too great a risk, and decided to come down. 

"Unfortunately, Shell hasn't yet made that call in the Arctic, despite the immediate dangers drilling poses for the people and wildlife that live there and the effect climate impacts are having on people around the world."

Head of the Emirates Air Line Danny Price said: “The cable car was not running at the time and there is no risk to customers or staff.

"We are working with the police to deal safely with the situation and services are expected to resume later this morning. I apologise to customers whose journeys are disrupted in the meantime.”