A new video by the biker gangs terrorising Thamesmead residents features a surprising appearance by top US rapper ASAP Rocky and his crew.

Back in April, News Shopper highlighted how bikers were using Thamesmead estates as racetracks, performing stunts on walkways and roads before uploading videos of their dangerous exploits to the web.

Residents have called for more people to report the sightings, warning it is only a matter of time before one of the riders, or an innocent passerby, is seriously hurt or killed.

Now a new video shows the same UK Bike Life group – but with an unlikely guest spot from Peso rapper ASAP Rocky.

The video, entitled Thamesmead RideOut Part II – ASAP Lifestyle, shows more scenes of bikers performing dangerous tricks and stunts at sites across the area, with occasional shots of the rap star - who is not shown taking part.

News Shopper:

News Shopper:

At one stage, a member of the American entourage tells the camera: "I ain’t get no sleep. I just came off the plane. 

"We out here, man. Bikes, b*****, it’s what we f****** do. A million bikes out here, I can’t even see these lights are so bright."

ASAP Rocky, who recently announced a gig at The O2, has also appeared in a video with affiliated group Bikelife TV, in which he addresses bikers with a megaphone.

They tweeted a shot of the video, saying: "ASAP Rocky flanked by some of our Bike Life TV UK riders!! We told you it's going global!!"
One Thamesmead resident, who did not want to be named, said: "It does seem that Thamesmead is now officially the UK meeting point for these bikers. In the video you can see them smoking drugs. 

News Shopper:

News Shopper:

"One other guy from America is telling the camera man that he is straight off the plane to ride bikes in Thamesmead. 

"We need to spread awareness for people to start reporting this anti-social behaviour, not embracing it."

WARNING: This video contains language some people may find offensive.

Police in Thamesmead have made tackling the problem a top priority but admit their powers to chase people on high speed bikes are limited.

Dedicated ward officer for Thamesmead East PC Chris Molnar said "Anti-social behaviour is a ward priority. We have been working with other departments and partners to address this issue.
"We have targeted hotspot areas and have reprimanded several riders and seized their bikes, whilst our partners are addressing the environmental issues to try and stop this behaviour. 
"Residents have reported a decrease in incidents, but we are well aware there's much more work to be done.
"We advise residents to continue to contact us with any concerns they have."