A canine competition in Plumstead which featured singing dogs has been judged a howling success.

Shrewsbury Park held its annual fun day and dog show on June 28 and this time there was the chance for owners to sing alongside their pets.

Winner of the Bow Wow Factor was Fuzzy who performed with the backing of a harmonica.

Nicolle Freni from the Friends of Shrewsbury Park said: "Bow Wow Factor won the day - with singing dogs, dogs over hurdles, fast running pooches and in the obedience class.

"Our judge Simone Day, a Blackheath dog behaviourist of Blackheath, said our bunch of doggies are the best behaved of any show she's ever seen. 

"There was family fun, couples, singles, owners with dogs and without, picnics, laugher and non-stop entertainment."

For more on the Friends group, visit fspark.org.uk