An Orpington primary school has created miniature art using match boxes.

Tubbenden Primary School, along Sandy Bury, created the miniscule works as part of their Art’s Week which ended on Friday (June 26).

Pupils created intricate designs using the match boxes, similar to the vintage craze of the flea circus, with each year group choosing a specific theme.

Youngsters from Year Six chose the theme ‘what a performance’ for their diminutive creations.


Headteacher James Turvey said: “The children’s creations are amazing and I am very proud. I have been bowled over by their enthusiasm for this project, and the range of ideas and techniques used to achieve such a stunning array of work - from the very youngest children to the eldest.

“I am grateful to the staff who work so hard to ensure that not only are the children at Tubbenden successful, but that they also enjoy learning and feel confident to be creative.”

With entries ranging from boxing rings to pianos, the school hosted an exhibition of children’s work for parents on Thursday (June 25).