This is the sight that greeted an Orpington man when he looked under his bed one morning.

Gardener Iain McRobbie was shocked to find this wily fox cub curled up asleep after sneaking in through the catflap.

Only a few months old, the cub can be seen with a stash of Jaffa cakes it polished off before settling down for the night.

Mr McRobbie, who lives off Glentrammon Road, said: “I came home from the pub and my room stank a bit, I thought it was hiking boots or something.

“Anyway I shut the door and went to bed. When I woke up the smell was worse, so I looked under my bed and it was staring at me. It had spent the night under my bed, I was quite taken aback.


“It had a feast on my Jaffa cakes, I keep them next to my bed and it had dragged them underneath and finished them off. He was quite happy.”

He added the fox had mange, which is why it smelt so bad.

Mr McRobbie, who turns 57 next week, said: “I called a guy who lives near me who rescues foxes and went to eat my breakfast. It went back to sleep, it wasn’t worried. I think it was just looking for somewhere to sleep.”

His neighbour came and treated the ginger creature for its mange.

He said: “He picked it up by the scruff of the neck and released it into the garden. I sprayed the area it had slept on.

“It never came in again but it came into the garden."

He added he now locks the cat flap at night.