There were more than 100 collisions involving buses in one month in Lewisham.

A Freedom of Information request by pedestrian campaigner Tom Kearney has revealed in March there were 103 collisions involving buses in the borough.

Embarrassingly Lewisham's bus drivers, two of these incidents involved buses crashing into bus stops.

TfL's Director of Buses Mike Weston said: "Bus travel in London is very safe.

 "We record details of all incidents involving our buses, no matter how minor, and the numbers must be considered in relation to the scope and scale of the bus network that comprises of more than 8,700 buses, operating 700 bus routes and carrying 2.4bn passengers every year."

Bus drivers in Lewisham have proven to be the most accident prone in south-east London, with 74 collisions in Greenwich over the same time period, 58 in Bromley and 28 in Bexley.

TfL have stated many of the incidents recorded were not connected to the operation of the bus but were due to the actions of third parties.

They also said London bus drivers have the highest standards of training anywhere in the UK.

Mr Weston added: "Casualties involving buses have fallen dramatically in recent years and continue to do so.

"However, there is no room for complacency, and we are continuing to work with our stakeholders to further bear down on such incidents; improving the design and engineering of roads and junctions, reducing traffic speeds and raising awareness of road safety risks and safe behaviours with prominent public campaigns."

Spokesman for road safety charity Brake, James McLoughlin, said: "Our capital's roads are often very busy places.

"We urge all road users, including bus drivers, to look out for each other and take utmost care when travelling around London.

"This includes going 20mph or below in built up areas, taking it slow at junctions, bends and brows, and giving plenty of space to other road users. Doing so could avert a tragedy."