An Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut awaits Brockley comedian who is keen to take to the stage.

Excited Joy Carter has been working on the one woman show for over a year, and the diverse musical comedian cannot wait to  "to take it up there (to Edinburgh) and see what happens." 

The month long festival opportunity will include 'extreme flute' playing and the use of a piano in the show, called  'Aspects of Joy'. 

She said: "This is my debut show so that's really exciting."

"I also talk about my adoption too, so it has got a serious side to it as well." 


Joy was adopted in Nigeria and brought up in Scunthorpe.

The chatty, ex-dancer has also been working on the world's first comedy of the 'Black Swan'.

She said: "It's completely mad, bonkers and it's just so much fun to do, it's not just straight stand up. 

"This show is about a year and a half in the making, simply because of the ballet side of it, it's got point work in the show and both of my ankles have taken that long."

Having worked in comedy professionally for over 10 years, Joy launched a new show in May at The Fox and Firkin, in Lewisham. 

She said: "It's great because it's local to me and we can easily book other comedians and try new material out. It doesn't matter how long you've been working as a comic it's a great place to use. 

"New material is new material, it's in your head and it seems hilarious at home, but as you know you can die on your backside at any minute so that is a constant fear.

"We have a really lovely audience, it doesn't matter if you get the odd line wrong, it's a great place to try new stuff and to get the confidence up, and try it again." 

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Joy is currently previewing her Edinburgh shows in Lewisham, and the next one is at 8pm, on the 21st of June. 

She said: "I'll be doing a bit of my show and there will be another two comedians doing their show, so it's going to be a really great night." 

The comedian's shows at Edinburgh Festival are presented at The Hispaniola Restaurant and run from August 8 to 29.