A young, homeless mum has been left "depressed" after three weeks of uncertainty about where she and her son will sleep each night.

Bexley Council says it cannot house 24-year-old Victoria Beadle even though she has lived in the borough for more than two years and cannot afford to rent privately.

The mum to six-year-old Dillion has been homeless since leaving a temporary living situation, sleeping on her mum’s sofa, in January.

She was 'kicked out' of emergency council accommodation in Dartford on May 11 after failing to keep up with the rent.

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Miss Beadle, who has joint custody, said: "It’s just depressing.

"I feel like sectioning myself, but I am not losing my son over it.

"I have nowhere to go during the day. I am just walking around like a lost sheep.

"Some days I do not even have money to get my son to school."

After weeks of sleeping on their sofas Miss Beadle is worried patience among her friends is running short.

She said: "I am running out of options. I have nowhere to go.

"The council is telling me to go private, but all they have offered me is a bond.

"Everyone wants a first month’s rent and a deposit and a home owner guarantor.

"I am trying to look for work but it’s hard when you’re looking for a home too."


Bexley Council spokesman said: "Ms Beadle was initially viewed not to have a priority need for housing as her son lived at his father’s address as his main home.

"She was given advice from the housing support team on renting in the private sector. "At a later date her son returned to her full-time care and temporary accommodation was provided.

"Ms Beadle recently lost this temporary accommodation due to rent arrears and as a result the Council discharged its interim duty towards her.

"Ms Beadle’s longer term position is still being considered and we hope to be in the position to issue a decision in the near future."