Bromley Council workers are staging a third wave of strikes over the ‘mass privatisation’ of services.

The selective strikes are taking place from next Wednesday (June 10) until the following Wednesday (June 20), and follow two previous bouts of industrial action.

Members are protesting over what they say is the privatisation of services amidst £130 million in reserves, cuts to pay and conditions, and the withdrawal of facility time from the Unite trade union representative.

In the third staged walk-out Unite members will leave their posts in adult services and transport from June 10 – 15, while library staff will strike from June 13 – 20.

Unite members working for the council will down tools on June 16.


Unite regional officer Onay Kasab said: “Bromley council is currently not a happy place to work, as the Tory ideologues are running amok in all directions with their privatisation folly, dismantling and privatising services that generations of Bromley residents have taken for granted.

“It is a scandal that council taxpayers in Bromley will pick up a bill for redundancies made by private companies. Bromley council is gutless. The private companies will make the cuts, while Tory councillors rub their hands like Pontius Pilate.”

The union has also organised a march through Bromley under the banner ‘People and Services First’.

They will take to the streets on Saturday (June 13), assembling at Norman Park at noon.

The council claims it needs to find £50 million in savings over the next four years out of a budget of roughly £200 million.