From flatulent aftershocks to spilt coffee, residents of Kent have described the "horrific" aftermath of the biggest earthquake to hit the UK in seven years.

Measuring 4.3 on the richter scale, the earthquake struck around 3am last Friday (May 22).

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The tremors were the strongest felt in the UK since a 5.2 magnitude earthquake in Lincolnshire in 2008, and Gravesham residents took to social media to share details of the moment the earth moved for them.

Ian Mahoney said on Twitter: "Did anyone else feel that small earthquake in Gravesham area?"

He updated followers later on adding: "Finally got back to sleep about 4. Thought I felt an aftershock but it was just a fart."

Mr Mahoney told News Shopper: "I got up to go to the toilet and I felt the whole house shake from the bottom up.

"It was strange to experience it because you don't think you ever will.

"I didn't know what it was but then I went on Twitter and everyone was talking about it."

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Julia Herod from Longfield said: "I was woken just before 3am by my wardrobe door banging inexplicably for several seconds."

And Julie Still posted on Facebook: "Maybe that's why all my dogs started barking at around 3am and woke me up."

The quake was felt as far as Erith.

Sascha Droeschel, who works at Erith Town Centre said: "I just fell like my wife is trying to wake me up but than i realized my wife is sleeping and bed was shaking.

"By the time i realised it was also over and I checked it was 2.59am but sleepy as I was it did not come into my mind that it was an earthquake.

"I just read it at 7am in the morning in the daily news."

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Picture: British Geological Survey

In true form, Britons kept a stiff upper lip after the 'moderate' earthquake and online chaos ensued in the form of witty Twitter hashtags #WeWillRebuild and #PrayforKent.

Ed DeCesare posted: "There are mountain climbers stuck in a Gravesham Blacks store, please send help #KentEarthquake."

Pictures of spilt coffee, broken tiles and toppled garden furniture flooded homescreens nationwide.

Trumpton Police posted a picture of an overturned garden chair quipping: "Devestation after over night #kentearthquake. Damage estimated to be around 39p."

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News Shopper:

Those truly affected found solace through Facebook group 'I survived the Kent earthquake 2015.'

Kent police were inundated with calls about the earthquake.

A spokesman said: "Kent Police and Kent Fire and Rescue Services have at this time received no reports of any structural damage or injuries.

"We will continue to liaise with our partner agencies to ensure we are providing help and support in any areas needed."


The British Geological Survey (BGS) received more than 1,000 reports of tremors and confirmed the epicentre was near Ramsgate.

A BGS spokesman added: "Almost all of the reports indicated that people were awoken from their sleep.

"Over half the reports described the shaking strength of the earthquake to be moderate, mainly with a trembling effect, and described the sound strength as moderate.