A range of extraordinary items brought to a pawnbrokers in Bexleyheath have seen it featured on a new Channel 4 series.

Posh Pawnbrokers has aired every day on Channel 4 for the last two weeks, and Nikolas Patrick, based in Bexleyheath Broadway, is featured prominently on the show.

The items brought to the shop include a 'mod hearse' - a hearse attached to a scooter, the signature ride of a mod - a stunning diamond ring, valued at £25,000 - six times what its owner thought it was worth - and a Victorian polyphon music box.

Charlie Devine, 35, manages the family-run business with his brother Patrick, and shared his thoughts on appearing on the show with News Shopper.

He said: "We have had a brilliant response from the public in general.

"I was really impressed with the show - with the editing - how you see me on the show is how I am.

"People are coming in and we are getting lots of enquiries."

News Shopper:

The Victorian polyphon music box

He added: "The mod hearse item is certainly one of the more unusual items we have had brought through the door. 

"It was a fantastic item - I enjoyed valuing it and finding out more about it.

"The diamond ring was another one you don't see very often - the ring was of fantastic quality, great colour and grading.

"When you get the stories from people who are selling items to help out their children and grandchildren, we like to try and help them."

The owner of the diamond ring, Peter Sivyer, was selling the item on to put money aside for his four grandchildren, while the owners of the Victorian music box - which was valued at £3,000 - wanted the money to help put their father through care.

Mr Devine explained his business, which also has a store in Chislehurst, often helps people from the community who are in need.

He said: "Being a pawn broker we are also part of the community, you get to hear people's stories. 

"It is part of our job to listen to people and in certain situations we can really help them out."