Belvedere Splash Park could open next year with the help of a local business, according to an Erith and Thamesmead PPC.

Anna Firth held a meeting at the splash park last night (May 20), attended by roughly 20 residents, to vocalise her proposal to save the park.

Family firm Jacqueline Gems Childcare Ltd, run from Erith by Danny Eastwood, has told Mrs Firth it could run the facility and keep it free to use.

Plans could include opening the splash park as an ice rink in winter months.

News Shopper: The splash park in Belvedere.

On the issue of a faulty water pump, which needs replacing, Mrs Firth said: “I have spoken to a rather large local company, who would be prepared to make a very considerable donation.

“That would be more than enough to replace the aging part.

“A number of large companies are happy to make donations to good causes.”

Mrs Firth said will continue to help the splash park cause, even if unsuccessful in today’s election.

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Firth said the meeting was "pavement politics at its best"

The mum-of-three added: “If there want me to be a part of their campaign group then of course I would like to play an ongoing role, because I think it’s a beautiful heritage asset.

“I think it would be a tragedy for it to be lost.”

Yesterday, campaigners expressed concerns about political involvement in the “community” campaign.

Bexley Council voted to close the park for this year's summer season in its 2015-16 budget meeting, with with 43 Conservative votes for, and 18 Labour and UKIP votes against the proposals.