Have you noticed your Southeastern train has been cleaner recently?

The rail company has given its fleet of 339 trains a heavy-duty spring clean in the past two months.

They have been scrubbed, vacuumed, shampooed and polished inside and out by teams working through the night at its Gillingham, Ramsgate and Slade Green depots.

The project has involved more than 2,000 man-hours.

The time-lapse video below shows the work being done.

David Statham, managing director of Southeastern, said: “Our passengers deserve the highest levels of cleanliness and that’s why our trains are thoroughly cleaned nightly.

“Spring is the perfect time to set fresh standards and that’s what this extra deep-clean is all about. Our employees in the depots work incredibly hard to make our trains as clean as possible.”

Southeastern says the big clean comes in its fleet’s mid-life 15th year of operation and is part of a £5.7 million spend on revamping its trains and stations by October next year.

Last month it started £4.8m of cosmetic work on stations including paint jobs and repairs to wear and tear.

Tell us in the comments below whether you’ve noticed your local station or the trains you travel on being cleaner. Has it made a difference to your experience using Southeastern?