A double decker bus and car crashed at a roundabout in Blackheath.

Emergency services were called around 3am yesterday morning (May 3) to the collision at the Sun-in-the-Sands roundabout, off Shooters Hill Road in Blackheath.

Eyewitness Shane Gillespie, 27, said: “I was riding my motorbike so I didn’t see it happen; I just came across the crash.

“It was a black Volkswagen and it looked like it was speeding and had gone into the side of the bus.

“The car was very damaged, inside all the airbags had gone off.

“It was the side of the bus which was more damaged, the front of the bus on the corner where you should have the lights, they were gone.”


The security officer from Shooters Hill Road added: “It was dented and it was scratched along the side.

“There wasn’t anyone on the bus I think, it was out of service.

“Everyone seemed alright, no one seemed injured.”

The road was closed for roughly an hour following the crash, but reopened later that day.

A spokesman for Met Police said: “The driver of the car left the scene, the bus driver didn’t.

“There are no reports of injuries.”

The London Ambulance Service sent one ambulance to the scene and assessed a man who did not require hospitalisation. 

More to follow.