Lewisham McDonald's has been forced to beef up security after a number of cases of violence and antisocial behaviour.

After a number of anti-social and violent incidents, McDonald's have employed security guards for the Lewisham branch.

They have also banned groups of more than two schoolchildren and students from entering the premises on weekdays.

Twitter user @javan_25 said: "Only in lewisham you'd find this McDonald's turning into a corner shop".

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s said: "Our top priority is to ensure that our restaurants are safe and welcoming environments for both our customers and our staff, so we take antisocial behaviour very seriously.

"We currently have a number of measures in place in Lewisham to encourage good behaviour in and around the restaurant including CCTV and the introduction of security personnel in store in the afternoon and evenings.

"Our restaurant team will continue to work closely with the community, our security department and the local police on this issue."

In March, police were called after a disturbance involving up to 300 schoolkids outside McDonald's and a group of girls were filmed in a fracas outside the premises.

Lewisham McDonald's was immortalised in the Grime world this week with the release of music video Lewisham McDeez by The Square.