It's not every day that you can say a bona fide superstar has visited your school.

Having already made his mark in Greenwich, Grammy Award-nominated singer-songwriter Hunter Hayes will soon return to the UK for his biggest tour here to-date.

The caring 23-year-old, who has sold millions of records in his native US and supported Taylor Swift on tour, paid a visit to St Paul's Academy earlier this year to check out their music program and was blown away by what he found.


"I think it's brilliant that for one these programs exist and that the schools give these students the opportunity to experience the art in that way," he told News Shopper.

"It's a privilege to talk to them. I remember sitting where they are and wishing to do exactly what it is that I get to do and now I've seen it from the other side, know it's just as cool as I dreamed," he continued.

"Encouraging someone who's a dreamer to dream and to believe in themselves is very important for me. It's about giving someone the opportunity to see a dream and chase it - it's big, I take it very seriously."


Counting Sirs Elton John and Paul McCartney among his vocal fans, Hayes - who releases debut UK album I Want Crazy on May 25 - says that the most important thing that the music industry has taught him is to believe in yourself.

"I think the one thing I realised is it's one thing to believe in a dream, but it's more important to believe in yourself cos yours dreams change, your life changes, but if you believe in yourself, you can handle that change."

Here's the video for latest UK single Light Me Up, which has been remixed by hit songwriter and OneRepublic front man, Ryan Tedder: