Lady Gaga has given birth - to an amphibian.

Alex the axolotl and his girlfriend Lady Gaga have recently become parents to more than 30 little monsters and Prendergast Ladywell School is looking for volunteers to take care of its babies.

Axolotl are a species of amphibian native to Mexico City.

They feature regularly in the school's science lessons on evolution and metamorphosis, due to their ability to re-grow lost limbs and gills.

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Prendergast Ladywell School senior science technician Nev Kasim said: "Alex and his girlfriend Lady Gaga were staying with me over a recent half-term holiday and one second their tank was clear and the next it was full of eggs.

"Happily, a large number of eggs were fertilised and we now have quite a substantial population."

Anyone interested needs a filtered tank and a watertight container to transport them in.

For more information, call Nev Kazim on 0208 613 7444