Fresh from a stage invasion on the X Factor, comedian Lee Nelson has switched up his style and is out on his massive Suited and Booted tour, which comes to Dartford’s Orchard Theatre on May 8 and Greenwich’s Indigo2 on May 9.

Vibe’s Jim Palmer had a well good chat with Lee.

Tell me about the shows, what can people expect to see?

A new look, a new outlook and a brand new tour for my Suited and Booted nationwide tour. It’s been going really well.

Obviously, I’m well looking forward to coming to Dartford and to Greenwich.

I’ve upped my game a little bit, you know? I’ve got rid the trainers and the shorts and the cap – took them all down the charity shop. I expect I will see an impoverished African child wearing them in a few years time on a Comic Relief appeal.

I will look and I will proudly say ‘that’s mine’.

I took myself to Top Man and tried on a few suits and found one I liked and thought ‘that’s it, this is the one’, and ran out of the shop.

What was it that made you want to change your style?

It’s a combination of things.

First of all, I’ve had my 14th kid and I thought it was about time I grew up a little bit. One of them was the same age as me and I thought ‘You know what, this is getting ridiculous.

Also, I lost my staff discount at Sports Direct so I could no longer afford the gear, so to speak. That just made my mind up for me a little bit.


I thought it was about time I upped my game. I’ve hosted Live at the Apollo, been on BBC One and thought I want to spread the love to everyone.

I want to make the oldies feel good about watching me and make everyone feel welcome. That’s what this show’s about – making everyone feel welcome. I don’t mind how old you are, come along. You might not be able to hear the show but you can read the programme over and over again and have a giggle and enjoy half time.

The last time a lot of people saw you was probably when you were on stage on the X Factor with Stereo Kicks, how did that come about and what was the aftermath of that?

Well, there were so many of them in the band I thought anyone could have a go. I now understand that’s not how it works.

Was there much of a fall-out after that?

Well, I got them through to the next week. I was pretty pleased about that. I am awaiting a Cowell contract to come my way and let’s just put it this way, Zayn leaving One Direction and the rumours about me joining – they are not disconnected.

I think you’d be a great fit...

Thank you. I feel I’ve got something to offer the band that none of the band members have...pubic hair.

News Shopper: TV comic Lee Nelson had to withdraw his bid to become an MP in South Shields

You stood for Parliament (in the 2013 South Shields by-election after David Miliband resigned). With the election coming up, are you considering putting your hat into the ring again?

Why not, mate? I don’t wear a hat anymore so I can now put it in the ring. It’s perfect timing.

Ever since David Cameron left his kids in the pub, I have known I have what it takes to Prime Minister of this country.

Why not vote for me? If I’m Prime Minister, I guarantee crime will go down, teenage pregnancy will go down – because I’ll be too busy being Prime Minister. So that’s a 100 per cent guarantee.

We’re probably looking at a coalition after this election, who would you go into coalition with?

I would get into bed with anyone. My politics is just like my life.

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