It was not such a great response on the doorstep for this Greenwich Tory councillor, who was attacked by a dog whilst out leafleting for the election - one of two such attacks in recent days.

A Jack Russell sank his teeth into Councillor John Hills' fingers while he was campaigning in Chapel Farm Road, Eltham, on April 1.

Since then, the council's deputy leader and Labour councillor John Fahy has also been attacked by a dog on the campaign trail.

Coun Fahy tweeted yesterday: "Appreciation to staff at QE Walk-In Centre who dealt with my injury this week, having been attacked by a dog. Clearly a Conservative house."

The councillor later added: "Perhaps I should carry a tin of Pal around with me."

Coun Hills, who was leafleting for Eltham Conservative candidate Spencer Drury, said there was no sign of a dog at the address and so he had no concerns he might be attacked.

But he explained: "I put the leaflet through the door and all of a sudden this Jack Russell snapped my fingers. As I pulled them out, it made it worse and split my fingers through to the bone."

Coun Hills was left bleeding and went to the house next door for assistance, where an elderly couple gave him tea towels for his injuries and insisted he call an ambulance.

But, after waiting for 90 minutes for the ambulance to arrive, he ended up going to Queen Elizabeth Hospital under his own steam where the staff were "absolutely fantastic". 

He has since had several appointments at St Thomas' Hospital and needed to see a plastic surgeon for his injuries.

Coun Hills said the dog owner had become quite "bolshy" when he went to see her, saying: "What do you want me to do about it."

But the councillor has since been to see the elderly couple who helped him, dropping off six new tea towels and a bunch of flowers to say thanks.

He said: "I've been doing this for 20 or 30 years now and I've never experienced that before. I always tell people, if you go to a door and you hear a dog, don't carry on."

Asked if the dog was a Tory he replied: "Obviously not."