A one-man political party from Lewisham says the general election must be halted - because he has not been allowed on the TV debates.

Iain Gordon, the founding and so far only member of Fair Society, says he was turfed out of ITV's headquarters by eight security guards after trying to get a spot on the last debate and is now appealing to the European Commission to take action.

The incident is the latest in a troubled election campaign which has seen Mr Gordon have a guitar and coat stolen, miss a chance to make a citizen's arrest on Tony Blair  and have to change the name of his party at the last minute to Say Yes! To A Fair Society at the insistence of the Electoral Commission.

Mr Gordon, whose polices include a £10 minimum wage, bringing back Concorde, plus forcing Elton John and Paul McCartney to pay more money to the state, said: "I want to stop the election or postpone it because I'm not getting the right to speak.

News Shopper:

"I only need two minutes. In two minutes I can convince people in this country that all the leaders that are standing are all wallies."


Although a resident of Lewisham, Mr Gordon wants to stand in Chelsea, but says increasing amounts of red tape have set his campaign back weeks.

He said: "Now it's got a to a head where it's disgusting what's going on. You shouldn't have food banks in this country.

"Concorde should still be flying. It's mothballed. I want Richard Branson to fly it again."

The former bookie, who once ran for the Liberals in Croydon, said his achievements outside politics included 70 hours of flying time, novice scuba diving and finishing 13,009th in the London Marathon.