A DISABLED man recovering from brain surgery was plunged into debt when his bank began taking hundreds of pounds in charges from him.

Mark Hibberd, 33, from Slade Green, suffers from cerebral palsy and dystonia - involuntary muscle spasms.

Last year his dystonia became so bad, he was unable to work for the internet business his parents set up for him to enable him to earn his own income and lead an independent life.

His doctors decided his spasms had become so severe, brain surgery would be needed to try and ease the problem.

In September last year, Mr Hibberd underwent deep brain stimulation at King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill.

Unable to work both before and after the surgery, his income dropped and he was relying on his disability living allowance for his everyday needs.

He was also trying to pay back a business loan he had taken out to help his parents fund the internet business.

As his overdraft mounted, his bank Lloyds TSB began levying charges.

This was despite the bank being aware of Mr Hibberd's circumstances and the fact he had undergone surgery.

Despite being told by doctors to avoid stress as he recovered from the surgery, Mr Hibberd began receiving calls from the bank at all times of the day and night about his mounting debt.

Because the bank was taking his benefit to pay its charges, Mr Hibberd opened a new account with another bank and had his benefit paid into it.

But because Lloyds TSB had given him a bad credit rating, he was only able to get a cash card for his new account and not a debit card.

This has prevented him from doing his shopping on the internet and severely restricted his quality of life.

Now, following the intervention of News Shopper, Lloyds TSB has agreed to wipe out all the charges and set up new ways of managing his account.

It says it will refund the £1,200 he has already paid and talk with him about options for the account which will make it easy for him to stay out of debt.

Mr Hibberd says he has been trying for months to talk to the bank about his account, but all it was interested in was getting him to pay money he has not got.

He said: "I would just like to get this sorted. Why did it have to come to this?

"I have been trying to talk to Lloyds TSB for months.

"All I want is the bank charges waived, a structured way to repay my debts and a good credit rating restored so I can do my own shopping via the internet."

He added: "I am not trying to avoid my debts."

Things are looking up for Mr Hibberd in other ways.

He has now recovered enough to start work again.

And for the first time, his muscle spasms are under such control that the wheelchair-bound building surveying graduate is now learning to walk.