Mystery surrounds a high-pitched sound that has been bothering residents in Sidcup for the last two weeks.

Stella Woods, of Old Farm Road West, told News Shopper she and her neighbours are constantly affected by the noise, which she described as "bloody annoying".

The 56-year-old said: "We have a very loud, very high-pitched noise.

"It is just in the area, but you cannot make out where it is coming from.

"It is bloody annoying, especially at six in the morning when you wake up and you cannot go to sleep again."

She added there was a similar problem, which lasted for several months, in 2013.

This comes after residents in Thamesmead were driven crazy by a mysterious beeping noise in November last year. 

The source was found to be the button to call a lift at Abbey Wood's new footbridge, installed temporarily during Crossrail work.

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