A 'dismal' amount of passengers are using the Emirates Air Line.

Figures published by Private Eye magazine revealed that the number of people using the London Underground every two minutes is higher than the number of people using the Emirates Airline per day.

The average number of people using the Emirates Air Line per day is 4,285, which is the lower than the number of people using the London Underground, 4,851, every two minutes.

Around £16m of public money was spent on the £60m Airline which launched in 2012, despite Mayor of London Boris Johnson saying that the cable car would not cost taxpayers anything.

Liberal Democrat London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon said: "Despite the cable car being long established and fast approaching its third anniversary its passenger numbers remain dismal.

"Quite frankly with so much public money spent on the project the best option would be to turn it into an integral form of public transport.

"It should start to accept relevant travelcards and an Oyster pay as you go fare should be the same price as a bus trip.

"Only these changes will ensure there is any real increase in people using the cable car."

The pay as you go fare for adults using the cable car is currently £3.40.

TfL's Head of the Emirates Air Line Danny Price said: "There have been over five million passenger journeys since opening in June 2012 and passenger numbers vary each day.

"Fare income from the Emirates Air Line already covers its operating costs, passenger numbers are growing steadily and the initial investment will be paid back within its first ten years of operating.

"The London Underground has 11 lines and 270 stations with the network covering 402km of London, conversely, the Emirates Air Line has two terminals covering just 1km across the Thames."