A retired policeman is shocked after Bromley Council told him to take down a flagpole dedicated to his late father.

Kevin Coleville, 57, from St John’s Road in Petts Wood, was a policeman for more than 30 years before retiring.

He has flown the Union Jack flag outside his house for a number of years and recently put up a second pole flying the Royal Navy flag in memory of his late father.

His father James ‘Dusty’ Maurice Miller, who received three medals for his service in the Navy in the Second World War, passed away aged 87 in February.

Mr Coleville said: "I erected a flagpole years ago in my back garden, I checked with the council, they said there’s no problem flying a Union jack.

"On the 5th February my father died so I put up another flagpole with the White Ensign, the official Navy flag.

"I’m flying it as a mark of respect."

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James ‘Dusty’ Maurice Miller

With both poles around 15 foot high each, he lowered his Union flag to half-mast after his father passed away.

But on Wednesday (April 1) he received a visit from the council telling him there had been complaints about his flagpole, and he has to take one down.

The married father of two, and grandfather to three, said: "I want to fly both flags. I don’t have a problem with having to remove one pole, but how can they be offended by a national flag?

"I’ll just have to fly both from the same pole, but I’m a bit sad they’re making me take it down.

"They’re in my back garden; they don’t block anyone’s view or anything like that.

"I’ve never had a problem before. I don’t know why someone would complain.

"I’m a bit concerned that someone was ‘offended’ by it, will I continue to have a battle with who complained?"

MORE TOP STORIES A spokesman for the council said: "Properties are allowed to display one flagpole under permitted development rights, with any further poles requiring planning permission.

"Following a report we investigated and asked the resident to remove one flagpole and apply for planning permission if they would like any further poles."

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