The mother of an autistic girl from Mottingham who was left with post-traumatic stress disorder allegedly from bullying is suing Greenwich Council.

Tracy Stratton, of Downleys Close, is claiming damages from Greenwich Council after alleging her daughter Tianni was both physically and verbally abused during her three months at Greenacres Primary School in Eltham from April to June last year.

She has also claimed Tianni was subjected to racist abuse.

Ms Stratton said: "One afternoon on our way home from school., she delved into her schoolbag, took out her sun cream, dolloped a generous amount on her arm, spread it then said 'look Mummy, I'm the right colour now, I'm English'.

"Tianni was born in Sidcup and is as English as a child with milky white skin."

During her time at Greenacres, Ms Stratton also claims that Tianni was kicked, punched, scratched, had her hair pulled and her dress pulled.

Ms Stratton added: "Each week my daughter changed personality and would not say why.

"My daughter went from a bright, happy and vibrant little girl who wanted to play with her friends and do what other girls her age were doing to being a recluse, like a flower that has wilted."

"I am desperate for my little girl to have friends and play the way she started to at Greenacres.

"It took me almost three years to persuade Tianni it was ok to go to school.

"It took approximately the same number of months to ruin the chance she had at integrating into everyday life with other children her age."

Tianni has a history of autism and Asperger syndrome and was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in May last year.

A psychological assessment report from the children's psychology service based at Woolwich Hospital on Tianni confirmed she had been experiencing recurrent nightmares related to a bullying incident at school.

It also reads: "Tianni avoids going to places near Greenacres Primary School and displays high levels of hyper-vigilance around these places.

"Tianni's communication, including communication with family members, has been very limited from May until July last year.

"This was thought to be indicative of 'selective mutism' however it is possible Tianni's limited communication was a symptom of post-traumatic stress in the context of social communication difficulties typical to an ASD diagnosis."

A Greenwich Council spokesman said that the council does not comment on individual cases.