Today is the day you should not believe all you read.

April Fool’s day is upon us once again, and we want to hear about the best or worst pranks you have ever heard of.

We think we may have spotted an early contender from The Sun.

MORE TOP STORIES According to the paper, Simon Cowell’s face is to appear on the £5 banknotes.

Here is another one we spotted from 100 years ago.

Apparently it was a joke too far after reports of tigers in Greenwich sparked mass panic and shops closed.

Still, we can look back now and laugh.

Lewisham police are also getting in on the action, after announcing they will be trialling camels as part of their mounted unit.

Now that would be a sight for sore eyes.

Elsewhere, the Crystal Palace mast seems to resemble the leaning tower of Pisa after being damaged in high winds.

We hope this is an April Fool's.

Tensions are mounting in Penge, as a local group has begun to build a wall to separate Penge from Beckenham.

We will miss you.

Another classic from Google, and it seems their map service has received a makeover in the form of Pacman.

Now people can play the retro game while planning their route.

April Fool's day prank or not, this reporter had a go and is definitely impressed.

Have you spotted any pranks today?

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