The borough of Tower Hamlets has bought land at a burial ground in Bromley.

The east end borough has purchased around six acres of the Kemnal Park Cemetery, in Chislehurst, roughly equating to around 3,000 plots.

The site, which has been open since late 2012, is not affiliated with any council and is multi-faith.

The entire grounds are 55 acres, of which around 10 has already been developed.

MORE TOP STORIES Thom Standen, marketing supervisor at Kemnal Park, said: “It became official on Monday (March 30), the mayor of Tower Hamlets came down to announce it.

“We’ve done deals with others, Croydon, but for smaller areas.

“Burial space, particularly in London, is diminishing and it’s only going to get worse as land prices go up.

“It will probably be more in the future.”

Tower Hamlets will have its own section within the grounds, and a fixed rate has been agreed for the residents of around £650.

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