THE FUNERAL of a 46-year-old man who died under the wheels of a bus is being held today.

Dennis Sudlow was hit by a 261 double-decker bus in Baring Road, Grove Park, on March 1.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

His funeral is being held today at Lewisham Crematorium, Verdant Lane, Lewisham.

News Shopper reported how witnesses claim they saw three youths turn on Mr Sudlow when he tried to defend a man they were abusing.

Mr Sudlow retreated into a pharmacy in Baring Road, Grove Park, to call the police.

Thinking the youths had gone, he went back outside but they then jumped out from behind parked cars and began shouting at him.

The epilepsy sufferer then gave chase - waving his walking stick at the teenagers.

But as he followed them across Baring Road, Mr Sudlow stepped out in front of a bus and was crushed under its wheels.

Pharmacy manager Bijal Sha says at the exact moment Mr Sudlow was hit by the bus, police called back asking to speak to him.

He said: "The bus just crushed him.

"I knew him as a customer for many years. He was a gentle guy and he was being intimidated.

"He came into the shop and asked for help."

Firefighters used airbags to lift the double-decker to reach Mr Sudlow's body.

They discovered he had suffered serious head injuries.

Pharmacist Nikunj Shah, 38, said: "The three young men were in their teens, white and wearing black tracksuits.

"He was disabled. He suffered from epilepsy and used to come in every day to collect his medication.

"I have known him for 10 or 11 years.

"A tall African man got off the bus and the three youths started to harass him.

"Mr Sudlow told them to leave him alone. Then they started on him."

Any witnesses to the incident are being asked to call the police's collision investigation unit at Catford on 020 8285 1574.