THE skies over Biggin Hill will be filled with replica First World War battles to mark a special year for the airfield.

This year celebrations are being held to mark 90 years of military flying at Biggin Hill.

A special display of replica First World War aircraft has been arranged for News Shopper sponsored Biggin Hill Air Show, held on June 2 and June 3 this year, as part of these celebrations.

Members of the Great War Display Team will re-enact air battle in nine replica aircraft.

This is the first time so many First World War aircraft have performed at the show at once.

The planes will be presented in military colours of the era.

One of the team's three SE5A fighters will be flown by 84-year-old pilot Doug Gregory.

Mr Gregory, a Second World War veteran, was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for skill and courage in the air.

Also appearing at the show will be the Sopwith Pup, Fokker Triplane, Nieuport 17, Junkers CL1, as well as another two SE5As.

The planes and the pilots will be available on the ground for photographs.

A show spokesman said: "The sight and sound of the Great War Display Team in action will capture the days of early air combat when the aircraft were made of wood and fabric, aero-engines were under-powered and unreliable, yet air battles were fought conclusively by brave, courageous airmen."