MORRISONS supermarket has joined Tesco in promising to pay for repairs to cars damaged by a batch of contaminated fuel.

The supermarket chains acted after a batch of unleaded fuel caused some vehicles to splutter, backfire or cut-out.

Drivers who have experienced problems are asked to produce any reciepts for fuel and garage repairs before making a claim.

The contaminated fuel was eventually traced back to a storage facility in Essex.

Tests conducted during an investigation launched by trading standards last month confirmed silicon had been found in the fuel.

It is believed the presence of silicon could indicate the presence of silicone, which is used as an anti-foaming agent in diesel.

Tesco emptied its unleaded tanks at 150 outlets in the south east, while Morrisons removed unleaded petrol from 41 stores across the region as a precaution.

  • To contact Tesco for further advice and information, call 0800 028 6428.
  • Morrisons can be reached on 0845 611 6111.