A pensioner dubbed a ‘granny racer’ brought a smile to the faces of motorists and residents in Orpington.

St Olave’s Grammar School student David Richards was walking along Sevenoaks Road in Orpington yesterday (March 25), when he spotted something unusual.

Mr Richards, 17, says he was surprised when a lady he described as in her seventies drove past on an interesting vehicle.

Spotting the woman around 3.30pm, he said: “It looked like a side car, but one that acted as a motorcycle.

MORE TOP STORIES “I was so shocked, she had a queue of cars behind her and people were just laughing because they thought it was really funny; we couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

“I never expected to see that.”

He says the woman, who was not wearing a helmet, had her handbag in the back.

From near Langley Park in Beckenham, the student added: “She was only doing about 20 miles an hour though.

“The engine sounded like a moped, like it was really straining even though she wasn’t going that fast.

“I don’t think she had license plates, but the bike looked a bit customised.”