TV magician Jamie Allan is heading to Dartford next month and will perform a death-defying stunt that Houdini never managed live on stage - but first he’s given fans a teaser with a trick involving News Shopper.

The star of ITV’s Get Your Act Together will perform the lethal water tank routine as part of his show at the Orchard Theatre on April 3.

Jamie mesmerised millions in January by teaching comic Rufus Hound to saw a woman in half with an industrial laser beam.

But his water tank routine sees Jamie bring an even sharper edge of danger to his act - iMagician: The Evolution of Magic.

The audience will see him shackled before being plunged into a glass water tank.

As the clock ticks, loudspeakers will amplify the sound of Jamie’s heart as he struggles to free himself before losing consciousness, adding one of many state-of-the art touches to Houdini’s masterpiece.

After some near misses in rehearsal, Jamie has now perfected the routine for the public.

Jamie, 38, who has a partner and baby son, said: “For this particular illusion, it has to be dangerous for it to be exciting. That is what Houdini intended and we have to stick by his principles. So I’m afraid there’s no health and safety rules for me in this act.

“At first, my partner was very apprehensive but she has learned to trust me to get it right and I’m certain I’ve covered all the angles.

“But we can’t remove every element of danger completely which is why it’s such a great favourite with audiences. But it’s also why it’s rarely performed.”

News Shopper:

With his show iMagician, Jamie explores the work of the legendary Houdini and then uses modern technology to make it even more mindblowing, with high powered lasers, iPads, Twitter and Facebook at his disposal.

His show included the mind-blowing Virtual Assistant, which involves her passing in and out of a digital world.

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