The sudden death of a Belvedere teenager during an after school friendly football match is the basis of a new, online documentary.

Philip Lamin, 16, had a cardiac arrest after scoring a goal in the kick-around at Goals soccer centre near his school, Bexleyheath Academy, on February 5, 2013.

The Gordon Road resident was later pronounced dead at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich.

Philip’s mother Juliet Lamin asked Sean Ramsden, 16, who knew Philip from Wellspring Pentecostal Church, to create the documentary.

The aim is to raise awareness of heart disease in young people, with twelve 14-35 year olds dying every week from sudden cardiac arrest.

The documentary is being screened in local schools to encourage teenagers to get heart screening tests, and schools to invest in defibrillators.

Sean, who created the film with James Hamblin and Jordan North said: “I have had quite a few people saying they want to go and get a heart screening now.”

The film went online on Sunday 8 March, and already has over 800 views.