A £1.8m Sidcup High Street revamp has led to over a hundred motorists being fined, because of two confusing parking spaces.

A change from controlled to restricted parking zones on some town centre roads allowed the council to remove yellow lines in these areas.

Signs have been removed to de-clutter the roads, leading to people regularly parking in the wrong place.

Restricted parking zones are marked on entry to the road and penalty parking notices have been handed out since December 6, after a two week ‘grace period’.

Sidcup councillor June Slaughter said in one area of Hadlow Road dubbed ‘the little trap’, which only takes two cars, 116 penalty charge notices were given out in a matter of weeks.

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Two spaces (left) 'the little trap'

Coun Slaughter added: “Residents and visitors have been parking in areas that seemed devoid of restrictions, only to find that parking attendants have been quick to issue penalty notices.

“I have been absolutely incensed about this. I am encouraging motorists to appeal against penalty charge notices issued in areas where signage is lacking or unclear.”

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Coun Slaughter has received several complaints

Derek Hope, 74, from Sidcup, counted 37 different signs in the one-way Hadlow Road.

Mr Hope said: “This must be one of the most confusing roads in the country.”

Liz Burley, 67, from Orpington parked at ‘the little trap’, and only knew to move her car when a warden ticketed the car in front.

She said: “It’s nonsense now that these new fangled rules have come into operation.”

Bexley Council have now added repeater signs on the High Street and erected a sign at ‘the little trap’.

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The new sign, hoping to end the confusion

Coun Slaughter said: “It’s a start. But more needs to be done to address the confusion and to make the parking rules clear and transparent.”

A Bexley Council spokesman said: “The new restricted parking zones in Hatherley Road and Hadlow Road are marked by entry and exit signs and repeater signs.

“When the changes were made at the end of last year 1,800 leaflets were distributed and were also available in Sidcup Library.

“Restrictions within the zone remain the same – no parking at any time, with loading and unloading not allowed at peak times.”

Bexley motorists can appeal parking tickets here.