A "community centre" in Woolwich was refused an alcohol license after armed police were called to the premises.

Armed police were called to an incident on February 15 at Da Place Lounge in Parry Place after reports of a loud bang and a large fight taking place.

Officers found people throwing fireworks from the balcony and although the fight had been broken up, the suspects were threatening to stab each other.

The report reads: "This is an impact on the police of resourcing for the borough and highlights that the venue should not be granted a licence as it will degenerate into a crime ridden hotspot created by this venue."

The alcohol licensing application for Da Place in Parry Place saw complaints from residents groups and the police citing anti-social behaviour and crime in the area.

A written complaint from Mark Smith of Burrage Road in Woolwich claimed that residents are too scared to go down this road and that people are often seen urinating, smoking and taking drugs outside Da Place.