Year 6 pupils in Bexley should be the happiest in London today – with 80 per cent getting their first choice secondary school place.

Bexley was the London borough with the highest success rate, with a further 12.8 per cent of pupils getting their second preference.

Only 7 per cent of Bexley applicants were offered their third choice place or lower on school admissions day yesterday (March 2).

Bexley Council leader Coun Teresa O'Neill said: "We are proud of the fact that the overwhelming majority of families will have received the first choice for secondary schools in Bexley.

“We have experienced a significant amount of demographic pressure, especially in the north of the borough.

“An immense amount of planning goes into ensuring we have enough spaces in the right areas.

“The hard work of this administration, both members and officers has helped contribute to coming top in London."

News Shopper: Leader of Bexley Council Cllr Teresa O'Neill worked with John McNair for more than 10 years

Bexley Council leader, Coun Teresa O' Neill

Throughout London, only 69 per cent of the 81,000 pupils who applied to secondary schools got their first choice place.

Nearly 5 per cent of London pupils did not get into any of their six choices, compared to 1.28 per cent in Bexley.

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