Notorious Gravesend prankster, Daniel Jarvis, is at it again – this time dressed as a traffic warden targeting police officers in central London.

The 26-year-old, from Whitehill Road, often appears in videos on YouTube channel, Trollstation.

In his latest appearance the joker can be seen dressed as a traffic warden, patrolling Soho, Oxford Circus and the South Bank.

News Shopper:

Mr Jarvis, who has previously faked kidnappings in Gravesend and appeared in court over a pitch invasion at White Hart Lane, can be seen telling officers parked up on double yellow lines that they are “not above the law.”

Police officers do not appear to take Mr Jarvis’s attempts to fine them seriously.

When he approaches three officers on bikes in China Town with parking tickets, one can be heard to say: “Send it to my commissioner, he’ll love it.”

News Shopper:

The plot is foiled when Mr Jarvis tries to put a ticket on a police van and is questioned by a female officer who asks what he is doing.

When Mr Jarvis tells her she is “on double yellows” the officer responds, “Mate, I’m in my vehicle, I’m not parked up.”

Spotting the Trollstation crew across the road she asks: “Why are they taking pictures and filming?

“Have you got any ID to prove your warden, cause you don’t look like one.

“See you later.”