Around 3,000 people have joined a group to save Danson Festival since it was created three days ago.

Bexley resident and festival lover Dal Robertson started the online campaign group on Monday evening (Feb 16) to save the popular event, which often attracts crowds of 60,000 people.

Bexley Council revealed this year the annual festival will not be running again, "due to poor ground conditions caused by previous exceptionally bad weather" after cancelling the show last year for the same reason - the council's website suggests no large-scale events will happen again in the Danson Park.

There was outcry in April last year when news broke that the popular event was being cancelled and it seems this year residents are similarly upset.

Mr Robertson's Save Our Danson Festival Facebook group has more than 2,880 members and many dozens have posted on the site about their frustration.

Clare Patmore said: "I would be happy to sign anything to help get the festival and security back at Danson.

"It's disgusting that it has been withdrawn.

"This is a lovely open space for us to take the kids and the fact we now have to worry about vandalism and dumped cars that spoils their enjoyment is absolutely atrocious."

Bexley Council spokesman blamed the decision was due to environmental factors.

The statement released on the website last month says: "Danson mid-park is no longer suitable for large scale events such as the Danson Festival.

"Although the location and size of Danson Park lends itself to major events, the geology of the park is far from ideal.

"The subsoil is largely clay, which results in poor drainage, pooling of water on the surface and the washing away of the topsoil when there is heavy rain. 

"Continued use of the park for such events would result in serious damage to the park, which is the largest and most popular in the borough."

More to follow.