Could Annalisa be our Anna? Check out the first video audition in our Frozen princess competition.

We are working with Orpington-based company Frozen Fun Parties to help find two performers for the roles of Elsa and Anna at its fun kids’ events inspired by the phenomenally popular Disney movie.

Annalisa Peroni, a 20-year-old au pair, is the first brave hopeful to take part.

She lists two of her biggest passions as swing dancing and musicals, but says in the future she hopes to become a midwife.

Annalisa adds: “I would love to play Anna, because like her I am naïve, but also brave and stubborn.”

See if you think she’s got princess potential by watching the video below.

If you or anyone you know could possibly be a real-life Elsa or Anna at Frozen events, be sure to check out the competition page here

The age range is 16 to 30 and to be considered for one of the paid roles you’ll need to be great with children and be able to hold a room’s attention. Of course being able to hold a tune as well as act and dance a little are also desirable.

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At the end of the contest on February 27 it will be down to Frozen Fun Parties founders Claire Jeffreys and Anthony Delamare (pictured above with their adorable kids) to go through all the would-be princesses with a view to hopefully picking two to join their team.

But even if you don’t quite fit the requirements for Elsa or Anna but you still love Frozen, enjoy a sing-song and want to have a bit of fun, why not enter anyway – maybe you’ll get talent-spotted for something else!