"So-called" Bromley FC supporters have been blamed as crowd trouble marred yesterday's league match at Ebbsfleet.

An element of the visiting fans were said to cause "significant damage" to the Stonebridge Road ground, while a number of Ebbsfleet supporters and stewards were allegedly attacked.

There were also reports of damage to cars and property in Station Road, Hamerton Road and Railway Street, on the route back to Northfleet station.

Bromley won the Vanarama Conference South game 1-0.

Mash Hewitt, 33, from New Cross, was at the game.

He described the trouble, which began in the seated area behind one of the goals, as "insanity".

He told News Shopper: "They had all obviously been drinking before the game.

"I didn't see much of what went on during the game because I was at the other end.

"I know some seats were ripped out and they ripped out advertising boards at the back of the stadium. There was lots of damage.

"But after the game the trouble really started. 

"I came out to see them all running in the middle of the road. They were around 500 metres ahead of me, shaking cars and threatening people.

"I saw them go into other people's property, pulling out 'for sale' signs.

"Then they went down a road I wouldn't normally use to get to the station, which I assume is where they smashed cars and windows."

Things then escalated even further at Northfleet station.

Mr Hewitt said: "When I got to the station there was a stand off between around 10 of them and a few of the local residents.

"They (the residents) were saying they were going to rip their heads off.

"I went up to the boys in question and said to them you need to get out of here, the train is coming so there is no need to get into this.

"They ignored me.

"One of the boys had his nose broken. A lot of the boys had blood on them. It was insanity.

"One of the residents said if you people come back here I am getting a gun and I am going to kill you. 

"When the same guy came back he was holding a beer can which was filled with petrol. He was waving it around on the platform saying he was going to burn the lot of them."

At this point Mr Hewitt says around 10 to 15 police officers turned up.

He added: "My description probably doesn't do justice to what happened last night.

"To me personally they - the so-called Bromley fans - were to blame. They were being very antagonistic. 

"They were looking for trouble and when they got to Northfleet they found trouble."

Trains through Ebbsfleet were delayed by around 45 minutes as a result of the incident, with rail operator Southeastern saying fans "were being a little silly".

News Shopper sports reporter Louis Mendez was also at the game.

He said: "Where it happened was behind one of the goals.

"A group of Bromley fans were singing towards towards a small group of Ebbsfleet fans.

"There was a lot of posturing and shouting. They were being quite aggressive towards the Ebbsfleet fans.

"When the stewards came and stood between the two set of fans they started pushing the Ebbsfleet fans.

"It was embarrassing really. It was a shame because it was such a good night for the team."

Bromey FC co-chairman Ashley Reading said: "Bromley FC wishes to announce that it totally condemns the unacceptable behaviour of the perpetrators of the reported incidents last night before, during and after the game.

"We will fully support Ebbsfleet United and the local police in every way we can. Bromley FC wish to make it clear that we do not and will not tolerate any behaviour of this kind.

"We will also be carrying out our own investigation.

"I am disappointed that it has taken the shine off a fantastic performance on the field and a much needed three points."

Ebbsfleet vice-chairman Peter Varney also strongly condemned the behaviour, saying: “Significant damage was done to the Stonebridge Road stadium last night by so-called Bromley supporters and a number of Ebbsfleet supporters and stewards were attacked.

"In addition, cars in the main car park were damaged and glass was deliberately smashed underneath car wheels.

"There were a number of Bromley supporters ejected during the match. After the match, cars owned by local residents were also damaged.

“We have a lot of photographic evidence and will be working with Bromley FC and the police to ensure these thugs are dealt with through the courts.”

Kent police have confirmed they are investigating the incident.