The thought of buying a house in Catford on a Channel 4 programme caused one woman to have a "fit".

Location, Location, Location, the popular Channel 4 property programme, featured two couples looking for properties in south-east London last night.

A two bedroom house was highlighted for couple Dan and Lucy in Catford but unfortunately, the couple were not sold on the idea of living in the area.

Location, Location, Location co-host, Kirstie Allsopp, said: "Lucy has had a bit of a fit about being in Catford."

"She thought we understood the areas she wanted to be in, and Catford most certainly isn't one of them.

"It's the right property at the right price, but as far as Lucy's concerned, not in the right area.

"A lot of people think Catford is a really up and coming area, but they want an area which is up and come."

Catford Councillor Helen Klier leapt to the defence of the area.

She said: "There's lots going for Catford, we've got some very nice housing stock and we've housing for all family sizes and lots of flats as well.

"It's a very mixed area, it's very diverse and I think things are on the up."

Catford is described in the programme as one of the last places in London which is still reasonably priced with quick connections into London, with great conversions and on the "up-and-up".