With Valentine's Day approaching, "Britain's most desirable woman" has issued a plea for fans to stop sending her love letters.

Woolwich singer Sasha Tandon, 23, has been dubbed "Britain's most desirable woman" via Twitter after taking out a storage unit of 14 boxes to store her fan mail.

Whilst many of us dream of receiving Valentine's Day cards it's starting to cause problems for Sasha.

She said: "At last count, I received over 450 Valentine's cards, 1,000 birthday and Christmas cards, 350 love letters and 500 stuffed animals in the past 12 months alone.

"This year the Valentine's Day cards have already started arriving and at this rate, I'm starting to think my postman will break his back on February 14!"

In news that's bound to break the hearts of her many admirers, Sasha has been dating her partner Kojo for four years.

Despite the attention she gets, Sasha revealed that her partner doesn't get too jealous.

She said: "Kojo and my mum think it's all very funny but I think they are also happy and there are people out there supporting me and my music.

"That being said, it's gotten totally out of hand but it's amazing people like what I do so much and I am so grateful for the support."

Sasha has been forced to take out a huge storage unit with SpaceWays storage provider to house her fan mail.

Co-founder and managing director of SpaceWays, Rob Rebholz, said: "We've never had a request quite like Sasha's.

"It's a bit crazy... we've done the maths and the storage required to house Sasha's mail equates to two and a half elephants, 1,650 pints of beer or almost the area of a whole tennis court, we can understand why she needs our help."

Sasha has been working towards a career in the music industry and her first EP is due for release in early Spring.

For more information on Sasha, visit her Twitter page @SashaT_Don.