A Bexleyheath woman has slammed proposed parking charge hikes across Bexley borough as "ridiculous".

The council is considering increasing parking charges by 50 per cent in car parks thoughout the borough, including in Abbey Wood, Belvedere, Bexley, Bexleyheath, Sidcup and Welling.

In Avenue Road, by Bexleyheath Station, the increase is set to be from £3.80 to £5.70 per day.

Denise Prior, of Olron Crescent, travels from the station into central London three days a week.

The research manager says if the parking charges increase as proposed she will no longer be able to drive to the station - and with no direct buses from where she lives and a 25 minute walk, it will make her life "extremely difficult".

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She said: "It is expensive as it is, especially on top of travel fares - £4.90 each way single - so to add the parking costs makes it extremely difficult.

"If they put the parking charges up to £5.70 there is no way I will be able to park there again - financially it is impossible to justify.

"The council has obviously had their central budget cut and they have to raise money somewhere.

"But people have to park there to get to work and a 50 per cent increase is just grossly unfair. It is just the scale of it.

"They can't really justify it. What are they offering extra for the amount they are charging? That amount is just ridiculous."

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The current parking charges in the Avenue Road car park by Bexleyheath station

A spokeswoman for Bexley Council said: "A proposed increase in parking charges has been advertised in detail for public comment. 

"Any revised charges will be subject to a cabinet member decision in early March." 

Visit bexley.gov.uk for details.