Here’s a great opportunity for wannabe princesses out there – so long as the cold has never bothered you anyway.

An Orpington-based company is looking for two performers to play Elsa and Anna at its fun kids’ events inspired by the phenomenally popular Disney movie Frozen.

When couple Claire Jeffreys and Anthony Delamare, who recently started Frozen Fun Parties, asked for our help finding local talent all we could say was let it go, leave it with us and we’ll find your stars.

So the search for Elsa and Anna begins here, in the form of video auditions.

It doesn’t matter if you can build a snowman, you just need to be able to submit a video of yourself showing off your princess powers and performing a song, preferably from Frozen.

You can upload a video via our Facebook app here and also on Instagram using the hashtag #NSFrozen

You’ll obviously need to include a few details about yourself and why you’ve got what it takes to be one of the two characters from Arendelle.

The age range is 16 to 30 and to be considered for one of the paid roles you’ll need to be great with children and be able to hold a room’s attention. Of course being able to hold a tune as well as act and dance a little are also desirable.

Like love, the process is an open door so all the videos will be viewable online and along the way there’ll be a just-for-fun vote for the public to choose their favourites from the fixer-uppers.

But at the end of the contest on February 27 it will be down to Claire and Anthony to go through all the would-be Elsas and Annas with a view to hopefully picking two to join their team.

The first time in forever that the successful hopefuls will get to perform is March 8 in Bromley.

If you’re a massive fan of the film and have dreamt about actually being one of the sisters, or if you just want to let you inner princess out, this could be the chance you’ve been waiting for.

Even if you don’t quite fit the requirements for Elsa or Anna but you still love Frozen, enjoy a sing-song and want to have a bit of fun, why not enter anyway – maybe you’ll get talent-spotted for something else!

For full details and to submit a Frozen audition click here